Offering the best LAWN CARE and safest MOSQUITO and tick control

in Newton, Massachusetts & Beyond for Over 25 Years



Jon Sneider Corporation is dedicated to providing the best quality and service possible to all phases of landscaping care. Only the best quality materials are used, and exceptional care is provided for even the smallest job. Jon Sneider Corporation provides knowledgeable and courteous service for every project all year long.


Jon Sneider Corporation provides the four major objectives of operation—cost, quality, delivery and flexibility. No job is too small to provide the best service possible in a fair and prompt manner.

The company emphasizes the importance of an all-year program of lawn care, fertilizing, pruning/trimming, and all additional necessary services to promote the maximum results for a beautiful, rich landscape. Immediate attention is available for any concerns, and calls are returned as soon as possible. The company provides prompt, free estimates and consultations.


Jon Sneider Corporation is owned by Jonathan Sneider. He began providing lawn services around his neighborhood at the age of 13. These services grew to include snow removal and a variety of small landscaping services. He continued to enlarge his business while still in high school and throughout college. He now has full and part time employees providing landscaping services all year long. He is constantly keeping up with the current trends in landscaping and has a wide knowledge of all phases of landscaping including trees, insect control, disease, fertilizing and landscape design and construction.

He utilizes top of the line technology including computer software and equipment. This allows the most efficient and prompt service available to the customer.